Posted by Tree Rivera on Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The dream room was created to display all my past art exhibit, and community art projects postcards. Its also in someways a diary of all the art projects that I imagine up sometimes they are very liberated in my imagination and sometimes the daydream of something more grand is floating around in my head. So I wanted to make dream room where I can keep a record of all my work in the "abstract sense" through invites and use my art images to create a visual of how my mind operates creatively with my projects. Dream room to me is like dream state its where our ideas incubate and grow in to real life actions or situations. It really just a creative way to journal my life. I hope you enjoy the pictures. 
 In the future I'll be posting random pictures I create with my art, and the kids art there will also be invites to art shows, and community projects postcards linked to our calendar. Much love, peace and creativity!

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Tree Rivera

#LoveCreativity Visual artist, creative junky, work shops + project organizer, tree hugger, peace maker, student, painter, deep thinker, day dreamer, teacher + magician | open minded | problem solver | love nut Willy Wonka of recycled arts
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