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The Doll Cup Project created 2015 - 16 
I created the project using disposable cups and a lot of beautiful fabric I had inherited from my Nana in late 2014. My original purpose of the project was to include it in to the cuup project has the third series, eventually there will be a doll house for the doll cups and I WILL come up with a better way to display them in art shows. For now the dolls are being put to use to work up designs for my VIDA project
The project also originally started with the idea to replicate some of the things my grandmother use to craft in honor of her, since it was her fabric I was using to make the art at that time. During the days of sorting out all her fabric and wondering how I'd use her beautiful lace, silk, chiffon and cotton fabrics in art with out a sewing machine. I first came up with the idea to produce dolls from the rest of the cups from the cuup project (clean up urban pollution) and combine it with the fabric to create recycled arts | my style dolls. My grandmother loved making dolls and rabbits she was a creative soul that new how to use a sewing machine very well. Me on the other hand know how to use power tools, and paint mediums so instead of getting out a sewing machine I decided to collage the fabric on to the cups and create the dolls from scratch. I'll say this project came along way I first started doing photo shoots with the dolls because as I was creating them I realized they all carried an identity and I honestly felt like they took on a present each one has their own personality. When I made about 37 dolls I started thinking how I could reuse the project so I did a doll cup work shop to see the reaction of elementary students. They loved it and though it was a small group the reaction was very good. I then thought how could turn the dolls into something that can be iconic for youth and young adults so I did contemplate the idea of using the dolls in clothing design but had not pres sued it until my partnership with VIDA. So I'm glad to announce that the doll cups are now available to people through apparel and the cool thing was though the VIDA data base I was able to design the clothing myself. Being involved with this project inspired me to use my work more in design projects and when I saw the doll cups on the clothes I loved it and ended up using a number of them for this project. 
I'm still in the process of creating new tops and scarves using this project so there will be new apparel added to the collection over the next few weeks so please keep checking back if you don't see something that you like. 

I'm also open to suggestions and would love to hear what people think about the project. 



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