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Posted by Tree Rivera on Sunday, September 13, 2015 Under: Free Thoughts + Blah Blah

An Artist Reverie: love! love! love! Makes it easy to never ever let go of what makes you happy in life. For the love of making art and making the human experience beautiful with the work of one's hands. Building it straight from the mind, to give it something that will last, made colorful and abstract to human eyes. Realistic in all its digital and solid form, using a range of life & soul searching thoughts to breed it and make it true. Finding its meaning underlines more than its image once noted. Inheriting gifts while in its state of mind and through its progression of frames. Viewing many levels of the spectrum, and re-shaping it over, and over again. Waves of inspirational ideas reflect the possibilities of material manifestations, unique forms, unsought dreams or the quest once drowned in fear and now surmountable in pleasure from the heart in connection with the brain.  Like, if there underlines a deep meaning in its soul creation or like if none of this was ever possible to make true in this reality. Reflective through years of questioning, turning it upside down and inside out. It changes in its appearance from chaotic in to a harmonic riff. Its rhythms constantly moving as though synced with the universe...... 

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Tree Rivera

#LoveCreativity Visual artist, creative junky, work shops + project organizer, tree hugger, peace maker, student, painter, deep thinker, day dreamer, teacher + magician | open minded | problem solver | love nut Willy Wonka of recycled arts
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